Sunday Lately (2 days late)


Okay, so I’m a little late to this party. BUT I made it. This type of post will become more of a weekly thing on Sunday (if you can’t tell from the title). Now onto this week’s Sunday Lately.


At the moment I’m picking out my 50 minute workout for tomorrow.  Wednesday is the one day of the week that I don’t actually have a class to do at the gym. Is that stopping me from going? No. I need to be consistent with my workout and right now I’ve set my sights on training four days a week just like I did last year. No excuses.


I’m telling myself that tomorrow’s workout is going to be intense one that I’m going to push myself. I did that during every workout I did in small group. Why should I let that stop me this year because I’m training on my own?


My current debate with myself isn’t fitness related. Shocker-I know. One of the other aspirations I’ve set for myself this year is to travel somewhere new four times this year. The adventurer in me is wanting to do that this weekend. Do I go North, South, East, or West?  I’m currently debating with myself to go East or South. Maybe I’ll compromise and go in a southeastern direction.  My plan is to explore an area of the outdoors or a town that I’ve never been to. During the summer I’ll travel a farther distance and spend the weekend.


My workout playlist for tomorrow’s workout. I need the music to switch up the bpm’s to keep me motivated. Once I hit play I don’t take the time to stop and skip to the next song. That screws up my focus & when I was in small group I didn’t get to skip over the music I didn’t like then either. I kept moving and only took breaks when the timer dinged. The same rules will apply during my personal workout time too.


Ever since I came home from the gym tonight I’ve had Perfect Strangers stuck in my head. It’s a song that’s definitely on my playlist for tomorrow.

From here on out this type of post will be on a Sunday. My personal fitness posts will be every M-W-F. I will try my best to adhere to this schedule. However I do return to work & will have to tame 25 wild 4th graders. The first day back from a break is always rough.  But I think the Blogger Tribe will help hold me even more accountable to these posts.

Cheers til the next post!

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lately (2 days late)

  1. Not exactly south, but you should go to Mackinaw Island in northern Michigan at some point in your life. It’s so awesome up there. They don’t allow for any motorized vehicle and you have to boat to it. And once on the island, you bike/ride horses/walk everywhere…and eat all the fudge you possibly can.


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