AMRAP’s are my new BFF

Today was a very long day. However I did get my workout in. But let me rewind back to Monday when my workout & new diet began.

Monday started off well. By 10 AM I had already had two glasses of water and my mid-morning snack was a nice cup of yogurt with a small helping of granola on top. My lunch was sensible, but I didn’t have dinner because the dentist appointment I had was exhausting & I really didn’t feel like eating. The workout for Monday was my Zumba class. The instructor made it a high cardio class to welcome us into the new year. My legs hated me the next day.

Tuesday I kept up with my water intake pretty well. To change it up a little I added one drop of my lemon EO. I did have to skip my mid-morning snack due to the fact that I had to go see my doctor. That appointment took awhile and tomorrow morning I get to have a blood test and an ultrasound to check my thyroid. Something has been off for the past year to where my energy level is zapped by 1PM every day. I’m hoping that all of this will be solved soon.My workout for the day was Zumba again, but we did more Latin songs and dance moves than the previous night. But enough about that. Today is where there was a breakthrough for me.

Tonight was the first test for me. Wednesdays are the one night of the week I don’t have a class at the gym.  This morning I was unsure of what exactly I was going to do at the gym tonight. I didn’t want to do machine after machine. I was frustrated and needed to work it off. I knew it was going to be a cardio workout but I wanted to focus on my legs and core. I came up with this:


I did a 2 minute warm up on the treadmill. After that I turned on my music, hit shuffle, and let the music blast in my ears. 25 minutes later I had finished and I was very sweaty & felt AMAZING. In the middle of doing one of many sets of sumo squats I looked in the mirror and it dawned on me that I can do this.  I know what areas need worked on, which exercises are the most effective, and I know how to push myself to get the most out of my workouts. I think Wednesdays are going to be my new favorite day. I won’t do an AMRAP every single time. Next week I think I’ll do a circuit workout & include weights this time.  So far I’m enjoying where this journey is taking me. 

Cheers til Friday!


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