Week One Complete


Clearly with this opening you can tell I’ve been reading too many novels set in Italy again. One day I will go there though. It’s on my list. Yes, I’m that type of person who makes lists. Moving on…

This week I would deem a success. I worked out all four days, increased my daily water intake, & I feel so much better. Today was a rest day, but tomorrow I’m going to try and do a workout. That is if I have more energy than I had today. Yesterday’s blood test took a lot of my energy. I’ve already started planning my goals for next week. Monday & Tuesday I’ll do back to back workouts of Zumba/Boot Camp & Zumba/TRX. Wednesday I’ll do an AMRAP workout again, but incorporate weights this time.

I’m finding that after starting this blog that my drive to workout has increased. I’m more motivated and I’m regaining my self confidence that I had begun to lose when I started putting the weight back on in August. In June my self confidence was at an all time high. But around August it faltered & continued to go on the decline. I know what triggered it but I can’t change what happened that triggered it. To reference Doctor Who it’s a fixed point in time. I’m slowly working past it and I’m finding myself again. Not only that but I feel like I’m growing more this time in knowing what I’m seeking in life. I feel like 2017 is the year that’s going to hold a lot of new adventures for me and new pathways.

This post wasn’t exactly all about fitness however emotional health is just as important as physical health.


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