Sunday Lately #106 Redoing, Making, Choosing, Concentrating, & Appreciating

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again! Well here we go again with another installment with the Blogger Tribe crew.

Redoing: This weekend I tackled my bookshelf in my bedroom since it was overflowing with Christmas cards, books, and papers that just needed to be thrown away. It’s now dust free, clutter free, and looks 100x better. By clearing off a section of my bookshelf that held my gift from when I was in our local production of Into the Woods I now have more room for books. (I may be looking for an acceptable reason to buy more books.)

Making: This week I made the extra effort to choose healthier foods, start my food prep on Sunday night & drink more water. I’m already feeling a difference that I touched upon in my Wednesday post. I plan on continuing this effort into next week. I’m already down 3 pounds. It may not seem like much, but it’s a gain in the right direction.

Choosing: I’m split on how to properly respond to this part because I’m currently choosing two things. One of my 2017 aspirations was to travel to somewhere new at least four times this year. This summer I’m trying to choose between three different places to spend 3 to 4 days. My dream destination would be this one:

fields-villa-tuscany-italy_mainTuscany, Italy

However that’s not exactly feasible so for now I have to settle for an adventure in the U.S. I’m leaning towards Savannah, GA because normally every summer I travel to Tennessee for 3 or 4 days. I’d like to go South, but somewhere like Mackinac Island sounds really nice too. I’ve made the decision that by next Sunday I’ll have my vacation picked. I work better with deadlines.

Concentrating: It’s safe to say that for 2017 I’m quite driven. It’s a different level of driven than I was last year. I’m trying to figure out how to take this energy and use it to be beneficial to others. Example: I’d like to be more involved with my community. I’m looking to the WYP to help me out here with this one. If you don’t know who they are you should check them out: Wheeling Young Preservationists

Appreciating: Little moments. It hit me the other day that it seemed like 2016 flew by, and while in part that was probably a good thing considering certain events, it felt like I hadn’t taken the time to appreciate certain moments when I should have. Looking back while I appreciated those weekly Sunday lunches with my grandfather I should’ve appreciated them even more in the moment. Sundays have been so empty since August 19th & I can’t help but feel like that side of my family is slowly drifting apart since his passing. So for now I’m appreciating those little moments a whole lot more.

This week’s post was a little longer but I find this whole Sunday Lately posting to be the most therapeutic. The fitness updates will resume tomorrow. If you want to join this fantastic tribe of ladies then click the link below!  Next week’s themes will be: Thinking, Finding, Allowing, Insisting, Repeating. 

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe


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