Monday’s Workout

I’m into my second week of training. Week one went well and I’m already noticing that my waistline is shrinking. Small victory there but it’s one I will take! Tonight my workout consisted of Zumba that was high cardio and a lot of glute work. I think my instructor was trying to kill me. My second class is one that I haven’t done in over four months. It was Boot Camp. My trainer had us split up into group of three. My workout consisted of:

  • Back leg lunge (you did one leg at one station the other at the next)
  • Manmakers
  • Squat jacks
  • Woodchop with a 6 pound medicine ball on a bosu.
  • TRX Narrow Row
  • Kettlebell squat & upright row
  • Triceps dip
  • TRX Push ups
  • Speed skaters

2 rounds-35 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. 1 minute of complete rest then 2 more rounds of the circuit. 34 minutes-116 avg bpm, 189 calories burned, & 93% fat burn. Zumba was 54 minutes-118 avg bpm, 314 calories burned, & 80% fat burn. I’m starting this week out strong. It can only go up from here!



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