Tuesday’s Workout

Tonight was a back to back workout again. It started out with a 52 minute Zumba workout. HR was 127 avg bpm, 356 calories burned, & 74% fat burn. It worked my legs and glutes again & these muscles were not happy about it. However I still had one more workout to get through. TRX was formatted a little differently tonight. I personally love it when Becky switches it up.  Normally there’s three stations: Cardio, Kettlebells, and TRX. Six at each station and after 5 rounds at one station we switch to another station. Tonight it looked like this:


If you started at Station 1 you were either doing a cardio exercise, kettlebell exercise, or TRX exercise. You did 4 rounds of each exercise before moving to the next station. 40 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. I started at Station 2 with the Kettlebells. A breakdown of the workout would be:

  • 20 lb. kettlebell for the Goblet Squat.
  • Pistol squat (AMRAP full body weight)
  • Jump Lunges (AMRAP)
  • 20 lb. kettlebell for Swings
  • Rollout (AMRAP using full body weight)
  • Mt. Climbers (AMRAP)
  • 10 lb. kettlebell for Crush Curl
  • Row (AMRAP using full body weight)
  • Push Ups

This workout lasted for 45 & unfortunately I forgot to start my FitBit at the beginning of it. I only recorded 24 minutes of it. During those 24 minutes I held a HR avg of 110 bpm, burned 120 calories, & 85% fat burn.

Another small moment I want to mention is a friend who saw my AMRAP workout from last Wednesday mentioned how effective it was and thought Sarah (my other trainer) had given us a pretty good workout. When I told her I had created it she told me it was a pretty good one. Her next question made me smile even brighter. She asked if she could share that workout with a friend who doesn’t have much time to get to a gym. I told her by all means share it with as many people as you want to. She was even happy to hear that tomorrow I’ll be posting a new workout since tomorrow’s Wednesday and it’s my self paced workout. I still need to create it but I do know that I think I’ll give my legs and glutes a break.

Til tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Workout

  1. Good stuff! It’s great to see you’re flying through your workouts! This session sounded tough by the looks of it but this is an essential feeling in order to gain progress. Keep it up 👍🏻


  2. Thank you. I actually like making up my workouts. Last year I did a small group but this year it just wasn’t affordable. But I remembered what worked last year & I know the proper form so I don’t hurt myself. Even though it’s an AMRAP I don’t do them quickly.


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