Saturday Burn

I rarely, and I mean rarely, work out on a Saturday morning. I’m the type of person who prefers afternoon/evening. This morning I had agreed to help my Zumba instructor by taking the new class she’s wanting to become certified in. She needed a small group to teach & I love taking new classes.

The class was 50 minutes long and it killed my leg muscles, glutes, shoulders, triceps, & biceps. We started out at the barre and doing simple plies & squats. From there it gradually became harder and incorporated more balance and grace. Cardio was on the floor and varied from holding a plank, plank jacks, mountain climbers, and double timed plank jacks. The third part involved holding a small yellow ball between our thighs and really focusing on holding it there while squeezing our legs together. It was even more difficult to place it behind the bend in our knee and doing arabesques and donkey kicks.

Just when I thought it couldn’t become any harder it was time to incorporate the belly burn portion. Sitting on a yoga mat right under the barre I had to reach up and hold onto the barre, keep my back straight and slowly begin taking my right leg and extending it up and out and back down. 5 reps on each side. From there we did both legs extending up and out and then came the can can move. Essentially you tuck your legs up by you on one side, still hold onto the barre, and rotate your body the other direction bringing your legs with you. By the end your core is burning.

The breakdown of this workout is: 52 minutes, 103 avg bpm, 200 calories burned, & 100% fat burn.


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