Third Week

My third week of workouts have begun. My morning didn’t start out the greatest though. Three words: Dentist appointment-numbing. I spent a majority of my afternoon sore & exhausted. My jaw is still sore from where my dentist had to repair a broken off filling.  At first I didn’t want to go to the gym. But I knew if I did go I’d feel better.

First workout was Zumba. Last week was leg-centric in nearly all of my workouts. This week started off with being more arm-centric, but still high in cardio. Breakdown for this workout: 50 minutes, 121 avg bpm, 316 calories burned, & 66% fat burn. By the end of this workout I was feeling a lot better. I decided to stay for Boot Camp & I was feeling optimistic until Sarah came upstairs and taped these two papers up on the mirror in the front:



I had done this workout before and while it’s not as bad as the Vacation Workout it’s still tiresome. Except this time she switched it up. While we got to pick where we started on the list this time we had to have a partner. While Partner A was doing the exercise Partner B had to hold a weight over their head. When you switched off the weight had to be passed overhead. Now you didn’t have to do all 50 reps in one go (which helped with the burpees and box jump portions) but you had to remember what rep you were on before you switched off. Once both partners completed all 50 reps could you move on to the next set of 50. We started with 50 KB swings, 50 TRX pull-ups, & 50 jumping jacks. I knew that if I didn’t do the burpees closer to the start of the workout that I’d be dragging by the end.

The Filthy Fifty was completed in 36 minutes, 124 avg bpm, 226 calories burned, & 51% fat burn. As a bonus I’ve included a clip of this awesome workout in action.



2 thoughts on “Third Week

    1. Yes, 50 of everything. But it’s better than the vacation workout. That one is 300 jumping jacks, 100 burpees, push-ups, sit ups, and Russian twists. 50 clean and press, medicine ball tosses, AND 20 stair runs where down and up is one. I have yet to finish that workout. By the end of that one I’m ready to collapse.


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