Dance, Sweat, & Fun

Tuesday brought around another back-to-back workout. Zumba was packed again with people & we continued the arm-centric workouts again. Yes, I’m still sore from the Filthy Fifty. I blame the dips & burpees. Zumba lasted 50 minutes, 121 avg bpm, 319 calories were burned & 83% fat burn. After that class ended I had 5 minutes to collect myself and prep for TRX. My trainer, Becky, came upstairs, reached for the big whiteboard and began writing. Two minutes later she turned it around & our workout was set.


Four rounds at each station. 40 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. My arms were not happy when I was at station 1 doing the burpees again. But this is the second week she’s set the class up like this & I really like it. 2 people at each station guarantees that it doesn’t get crowded and no one will get hit with a kettlebell, hand, or leg.

TRX Breakdown:  37 minutes class time. 124 avg bpm, 242 calories burned, & 82% fat burn. Tomorrow is my self made workout day & it’s safe to say that I think I’ll give my arms a small break and plan a core workout again.


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