Return of the AMRAP

It’s Wednesday again & that means one thing: it’s AMRAP day. This afternoon during lunch I sat down & begin determining what kind of fun I was going to put myself through this evening. I wanted a workout where it worked not just one area but a full body workout. I came up with this:

Yes, I know I wrote the word jacks twice in the first workout. -_-;

For week 3 I decided it was time to increase the amount of reps & be a little more consistent with exercises that had me staying either on the floor or standing. I felt that I lost time when I was having to stand up or sit back down at the end of each rep. Before I started this workout I did a 10 minute warm up jog on the treadmill with a 1.0 incline. For the weights portion I used a 5 pound weight for the lateral raises & heel raises. I know this a low weight but my arms were still a little sore from my past two workouts. The kettlebell was 15 pounds but by the end of that set it felt more like a 50 pound weight in my hands.  When the timer dinged for the final time I cooled down with a few stretches.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 32 minutes
  • 117 avg bpm
  • 176 calories burned
  • 100% fat burn

I’m actually enjoying creating my workouts one day a week & a little proud of myself. Just one more day & then I get to enjoy a rest day. Week 3 is almost over & I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better than I did around Christmas. And like the image at the top of this post says: I’m doing this for me. 


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