Kick Your Butt Thursday…again

Tonight’s workout was rough, but that’s partly my fault. I’m still sore from last night’s workout. I’m not afraid to admit that there were a couple of times during Zumba I modified the exercise to prevent me from aggravating my arm muscles. What I wasn’t expecting was for my instructor to go all out on this Thursday workout. It’s the third Thursday which means this is the night we go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant after class. She had us doing a lot of cardio and whole body workouts tonight.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 48 minutes
  • 114 bpm avg
  • 319 calories burned
  • 93% fat burn

This week’s workouts were a little tougher. I wasn’t the only one thinking this. Several of my friends in my other classes commented this too. I think our trainers/instructors do this to kind of let the newer people know that by now they should be acclimated to their new gym routine & it’s time to kick it up a few levels. Although I’m used to a gym routine it never fails that by the end of the week my rear has been thoroughly kicked by 2 different trainers & myself. Next week it looks like the weather will be a little warmer and nicer outside which means time to introduce the running portion to my workout. Joy…


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