Triceps Torture Tuesday

I woke up this morning still quite sore from yesterday’s workouts. My triceps were what ached the most. Tonight at Zumba I was smart & used the lighter shake weights. That class was packed tonight. I think there were 30 & that meant it became hot very quickly upstairs. I was really glad that I decided to wear a tank top. The class itself was really high cardio just because our instructor loved how big of a class she had & we all had a lot of energy.

Workout Breakdown

  • 51 minutes
  • 120 avg bpm
  • 371 calories burned
  • 76% fat burn

I had five minutes after class to prep myself for the next class. Yet again it was a big class & since last week we had over 18 since some people didn’t sign up but showed up Becky changed the format. This week for TRX we had Super Sets. You picked a partner & then decided if you wanted to start at the Abs/Cardio Station or the TRX/Kettlebell Station. My partner & I chose to start at the Abs/Cardio Station.  Abs were penguins, plank with hip dips, in and outs and star crunches. Cardio frog hops, mountain climbers, in and outs which I called drunken fast feet and star jumps. While Partner A was doing the Abs exercise Partner B did the cardio exercise. 50 seconds of work & 10 seconds of rest. You did each exercise twice before moving on to the next exercise. The worst part of cardio for me were the mountain climbers while in & outs were the worst part of the abs station. Both had me activating the triceps muscles & they were not happy about it. TRX & Kettlebells were this:

I started at the Kettlebells and by the end of the workout my arms were on fire. The wall sits on the TRX were extremely hateful.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 33 minutes
  • 126 avg bpm
  • 251 calories burned
  • 84% fat burn

Tomorrow is my self planned workout day. The question is what exercises should I plan that I haven’t already done between yesterday & today? I guess a challenge has just presented itself.

Til’ tomorrow! 


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