Reflection & the Importance of a Gym Family

My legs still hate me from yesterday’s workouts. I think it’s from all of the jumping exercises. Zumba was a big class again tonight but quieter. I think that stems from a loss within my gym family. There’s a woman that today had to say goodbye to her daughter. She was only 20 and her daughter was sweet & a fighter just like her momma. She was born with Propionic Acidemia. To date, at nearly 21 years old, her daughter is the ONLY child ever born in West Virginia to be diagnosed with, let alone survive, PA. I knew her from my times of subbing in Wetzel County. She was always shy at first when it came to new people, but once she got to know you she was a ball of energy. Always smiling and she had a heart of gold. In 2012 we held a Zumbathon that benefitted WVU’s Children Hospital. She was so excited and even though she had been sick a week before it she was still there and still dancing away. She had such joy radiating from her. She passed away around noon today & immediately the outpouring of condolences and love to her mother began. Tonight when we walked into the gym Sarah, the owner, had another photo from the day of Zumbathon on the front desk with a battery powered candle lit by it. I already knew how tight-knit this gym community was from other life events, some joyous and some full of grief, but with Cady it was different. I know I usually would post about today’s workout but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow. My heart is just too heavy tonight.

Zumbathon 2012. The girl in the very front is Cady. She’s already so missed.

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