No Pain-No Gain

I’ll start by saying that yes my obliques and legs hate me again. Are you surprised? You really shouldn’t be. My instructor wasn’t kidding when she said we were going to make up for the lost time on Tuesday. Warm up had us doing squats & working our obliques at the same time. Mine were crying out asking why they were being worked again. But I powered through and survived the class.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 52 minutes
  • 115 avg bpm
  • 342 calories burned
  • 85% fat burn

I barely had a minute to cool off before it was time for tabata. I knew it wasn’t a good sign when that instructor said we wouldn’t need a mat or weights. That typically means we’re doing full body weight exercises. I wasn’t wrong, but we did traveling exercises. 8 rounds of:

  1. Wall runs
  2. Walking Lunges
  3. Low Shuffle
  4. Inchworms
  5. Pivoting Squats
  6. Bear Crawls

During the inchworms and pivoting squats my legs & obliques were not happy with me.  By the end of the workout I was drenched in sweat. We all likened it to a PiYo workout level of sweat.


Yes, my face is red & I’m sweaty but it’s worth it. I put 110% into my workouts tonight & yes I’m tired but it’s worth it.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 23 minutes
  • 136 avg bpm
  • 207 calories burned
  • 86% cardio (shocker right there)

This closes out week 5 but I’m toying with the idea of doing Wednesday’s PiYo workout on Saturday. Sarah has been going live on FB during the class & I saved it. Am I crazy for wanting to do this workout again? Yes, but PiYo is one of my new favorite things. 


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