High Octane Night

Tuesday brought another back to back workout. Zumba kicked off with a high energy level warmup & it never slowed down.  My instructor had found some of her old CD’s & there were several leg focused routines tonight.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 55 minutes
  • 129 avg bpm
  • 437 calories burned
  • 64% fat burn


Supersets were the theme again. There was a slight change up. Instead of an abs/cardio station & TRX/Kettlebell station it was TRX/Cardio & Kettlebells/OH exercise.


  • Jackknife/Mountain Climbers
  • Sumo squats/Jump Squats
  • Row & Curl/Jumping Jacks
  • Starters Hop/Alis

Kettlebells/OH Exercise:

  • Clean & Press/OH Hold (I used an 8 pound weight)
  • KB Squat Row/Sumo Squat Hold
  • Windmills/Front Raise & Lateral Raise
  • Weaving lunges/Low Lunge Hold (switch legs each time)

My triceps hate me from last night’s workouts and tonight’s. I’ll definitely be using Deep Blue on them before bed.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 33 minutes
  • 109 avg bpm
  • 175 calories burned
  • 100% fat burn

Tomorrow is PiYo! By the end of this week I doubt I’m going to be able to move very well!


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