Sweat, Kettlebells, & Prom Dresses

If after you read the title of this post your first thought was, ‘Huh?’ don’t worry it will all make sense by the end. And no it’s not the title of a new Gilmore Girls episode.

This week kicked off with 2 hours of back to back workouts. Zumba incorporated more of the Booty Barre exercises. The exercises focused on our core and our legs and by the end of that small segment we were ready to collapse on the floor.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 50 minutes
  • 107 avg bpm
  • 281 calories burned
  • 84% fat burned

Boot Camp had 3 stations with 4 exercises at each. You were given 10 minutes and you had to get through as many rounds as possible at each station. Station One was weights and the exercises were: 30 upright rows, 15 each SL deadlift, 30 bicep curls, and 20 bug crunches. Station Two was all on the mat and the exercises were:20 Turkish Getups (10 on each side), 10 plank jacks, 10 squat jacks, 10 pushups in down dog position. Station 3 was TRX/Kettlebells & the exercises were: 30 kb swings, 30 TRX rows, 20 triceps dips (using full body weight), and 50 russian twists BUT the catch was 50 on each side. Technically it was 100 russian twists. I started at Station 2 because I hate Turkish Getups and just wanted to get them over with. This workout worked pretty much every muscle in my body.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 34 minutes
  • 118 avg bpm
  • 281 calories burned
  • 86% fat burned

This evening I started browsing the David’s Bridal website in hopes of finding a prom dress. I think I’ll make the trip there Wednesday because I found a dress that I absolutely love. It’s short ,which means no alterations (and I save $$), it has a design that is cute and would suit me well, and it has pockets. Yes, pockets! I’m crossing my fingers that they have this little beauty.

Til’ next time!


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