The Spell is Cast

Sustained Silent Reading is my favorite time of day. My students look forward to the fifteen minutes of relaxation. All I have to say is find your spots & my kids immediately get to their spots with their book at the ready. The minute I hit play on the computer and they hear the opening notes of Dave Brubeck’s Strange Meadow Lark they are all transported to their book worlds. I read a book along with them but occasionally I look around and watch them read. I watch their eyes widen as they are at a suspenseful moment in their book or maybe they’re smiling because a certain boy wizard has just learned that he is indeed a wizard. It’s in that moment that I know they’re discovering the love for reading that I did many years ago.

I always hate to pause the music at the end of the fifteen minutes because I know I’ll be breaking that spell. I hold back a grin every time I do hit pause because several will look up from their book and are almost confused as to where they are. I tell them to put their bookmarks in their books and get back to their seats because it’s time for gym or math.  The books are put away and we return to the real world where a problem isn’t solved neatly in 20 chapters or less. But the characters in this world are just as complex as the ones in their books. And I tell them that even though they’re on an adventure in their books life is just as much as an adventure too.


7 thoughts on “The Spell is Cast

  1. I love this!! I had this feeling today after read aloud and heard everyone groan. It reminds me of the feelings a book can give you and I love seeing my students feel that invested. I wish I had more SSR time myself 🙂

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  2. I do love to watch them too! I have a few who are struggling, and I try to help them find the right book, but for the most part they LOVE this part of the day. Adding music is a terrific idea!

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  3. SSR is my favorite time of the day too! Your students are very lucky to have a teacher that values reading as much as you. However, I like the idea that “life is just as much as an adventure.” It is important to make sure that kids live their own lives and not just get lost in books- their lives are just as important and exciting.

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  4. The part I love here is that you are reading with them, not grading papers or answering emails. I found that when I read alongside my resource students, their stamina increased tenfold. Now, I try to sneak in a few minutes of reading here and there when I have classes doing the same in my library!

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