A Moment of Sadness

Today is March 5th and for the first time I feel a great sense of loss today. Before I felt joy and eagerness. Yesterday I would’ve been in my kitchen mixing up the ingredients for my homemade pie crust and working on the lattice work to put on top of the cherry pie. But this year there is no cherry pie and I don’t think I’ll ever bake another one ever again. Today would’ve been Pap’s 89th birthday. He passed away last August and even though it’s been almost seven months my heart is still healing. This was the grandfather who I’d go camping with every summer to Dollywood. If you were to ask me to describe this man I’d tell you he was independent, proud, and supportive. He always wanted to see his grandchildren succeed in life and he was always proud of all of us. I’ve been dreaming about him, Mam B and Pap G here as of late. I think that’s because this writing challenge has had me thinking of them more and more. What was once a day of celebration it’s now a day of remembering for me.

I love you & miss you everyday. 



7 thoughts on “A Moment of Sadness

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, and sounds like he was an amazing, wonderful man. Seven months is not that long, and it’s his first birthday that you aren’t celebrating with him, and it is sad. You miss him and good for you for allowing yourself to mourn and remember him today. Your pictures of the two of you are precious. We lost my papa three years ago, and I still miss him so much as he was such a huge, positive, influence on me. His birthday is coming up, March 24th, and that day is always one that brings me a few moments of sadness as well, so I can truly relate to how you are feeling today. Thanks for sharing.


  2. So sorry for your loss. He sounded like a great man. I would say that baking the cherry pie would be a great way to celebrate his life, but it sounds like it may be best left as a memory.


  3. I believe that those we loved and those who loved us are never really that far away. I am sorry for your loss. Maybe you can turn this day into a celebration of memories. Relive those camping trips and eat some pie in Pap’s honor.


  4. I LOVE this! It’s a beautiful slice. Just a thought – slice memories about him, and go ahead and make that pie. Cry all the way through it. Sounds like he would love for you to do that!


  5. Writing slices evokes many memories. That is why I think it is so important to write them down. I agree with Lisa said – go ahead and make that pie. I am sure he will smiling the whole way through.

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  7. So sorry for your loss. Today I reached the age of my mother when she passed away, so I can certainly relate to your post. I’m glad you took the time to write it down, saving the memories.


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