Pushing Past Limits

Tonight’s workouts were far from comfortable. Zumba we hit the ground running. My heart rate continually rose the first 25 minutes of class. I love it when my classes are like this.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 51 minutes
  • 112 avg bpm
  • 305 calories burned
  • 80% fat burned

Boot Camp was right after Zumba. Sarah told us all we needed were weights and a mat if we wanted. I kept my 5 pound weights because I had a feeling whatever I needed the weights for it was going to involve a lot of reps. I was right. We had what I call a countdown workout. At the top of the whiteboard she wrote 15-13-11-9-7-5-3-1. I remembered this workout from before & I knew at some point I’d be doing manmakers.

On the Left: the workout. On the right: Post workout

During the first round of Manmakers I did pretty good. But I hit the wall when I was in the middle of doing the 13 reps of manmakers. Between those and the Russian Twists my abs received a good workout tonight.

Workout Breakdown:

  • 34 minutes
  • 128 avg bpm
  • 252 calories burned
  • 64% cardio

I didn’t realize I completed this workout in 34 minutes until I was typing it out. I feel accomplished now. The last time I did this workout I still had the 3 and 1 to do before Sarah told those of us remaining to just stop & that we did a great job. I’m a little excited to see what we’re going to be doing in TRX tomorrow. Hopefully no manmakers.


10 thoughts on “Pushing Past Limits

  1. Omg, I did manmakers for the first time and I thought I was going to die, they are hard work (in my opinion) and I am not yet very good at them. I do them fairly slowly and use only the 20 lb dumbbells. I did them in a circuit (which I will most likely do the circuit again this week since it did kick my butt) I like the idea of the countdown btw, very good idea, I might consider implementing something like that for my workouts 😀
    Good job girl with finishing in 34 minutes, this isn’t no joke!



      1. Really?! BURPEES?! omg, I don’t know, that is a tough decision. Like a honest to god tough decision! haha. they are both really difficult for me and both really suck! haha. how does one choose! lmao


      2. Okay! see, lol then you would be stuck pretty much doing manmakers anyways besides the squat part! haha — I guess I wouldn’t show up if I had to choose. xD


  2. Wow! What a workout! I’m getting ready to reboot my workout routine over spring break after being sick for almost three weeks; just reading this is inspiring!

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