Self Confidence

Yesterday I mentioned that I recently made the decision to do something that will boost my self positivity and self confidence. This morning I received a phone call that set the ball in motion to do it.

What comes to your mind when I say the word boudoir? Black and white photography? Lingere? Does the word alone make you frown?

To me I find it a way for me to boost my self confidence. Not everyone will agree with me on this and that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that.

As I was looking through the photographer’s work that I’ve chosen I feel that she is able to capture sensuality in an elegant way. And if you’re thinking does that mean you’re going to be nude the entire time the answer is no. Just wearing a flannel shirt & cozy socks can be alluring. When I asked what kind of clothing would I be made to wear the response is what won me over. I can bring what makes me feel sexy. She asked do you have a flannel shirt? A jean jacket? Sometimes the most common everyday clothing items can be transformed into something seductive. After talking to Jodi this morning I feel so much more confident about this afternoon I found the quote that is the featured image at the top. I’m accepting me for all of me, including my scars that I absolutely despise, and I will revel in it.


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