Seasonal Allergies…

They are the devil’s creation. I get these twice a year and it can go one of two ways. I can either lose my voice completely or if I can speak it sounds like a squeaky toy. Or my voice can go deeper and I end up sounding like a guy. Currently I sound like a guy and I can’t stop coughing. And of course this would happen two days before prom!

Yes, you read that correctly. This weekend the Wheeling Young Preservationists are hosting an inaugural WYP Prom on Saturday. It’s going to be awesome & I can’t wait to dance the night away. That is if I can get rid of this stupid cough and the Roz voice. Even if I still sound like this on Saturday I’m going. Nothing’s going to stop me from hanging out with the amazing people that are a part of WYP.

But this allergy attack isn’t as bad as usual because I only have the deep voice and the cough. It’s skipping the sneeze attacks and other symptoms of miserableness. I’m hoping I’m feeling even better tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Seasonal Allergies…

  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you are able to recuperate before prom. I loved your first line. It set the tone and made your feelings about allergies quite clear.


  2. My son’s allergies broke out this week too. Have you ever had peeling skin on your hands during allergy season? He gets that…good thing he is not going to a prom! Hope you get your voice back and have a wonderful time!


  3. Austin is the Allergy Capital of the world, I am convinced, so I feel your pain. I hope the prom went well yesterday, looking forward to reading about it!


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