Dance Til Dawn

Okay or maybe it was more like until 11 PM. But Adult Prom was a blast! I want to do it all over again. The decorations were so gorgeous. The featured photo is what you walked into. There was a live band and they were the type of band that I hated to see take a break. They chose a lot of upbeat songs from the 80’s aka everyone’s favorite decade of music. There was such a wide variety of dresses. Some came in long & flared out dresses while others, like myself, chose shorter ones.


When the DJ took over he started playing more current songs & as soon as he started playing Uptown Funk I hit the dance floor. I tried NOT to do the Zumba routine to that song but when the chorus came in the Zumba moves kicked in. I honestly didn’t care who was watching. The 90s kids were happy when he played Will Smith’s Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. My group was very tired by the end of it. But we’re looking forward to next year!


And one more note: Does anyone remember the movie that I referenced in the title of this Slice? If you do let me know. And now to take a nap because I think I’ve earned it.


11 thoughts on “Dance Til Dawn

  1. Love this! I enjoyed the part about doing Zumba moves. I’m an instructor, and once at a wedding, my mom, her best friend, and I totally took over the dance floor with a routine 🙂 🙂


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