Hugs are the Best Medicine

For the past week I’ve been coughing and barking like a seal. Tomorrow I plan on going to the doctor. It has not slowed me down at the gym or work very much. The only way it affects work is when I’m reading out loud for long periods of time. Then cue an inconvenient coughing fit. Today while walking down the hallway to get a drink to stop yet another fit one of my students was walking the other direction to head back to music after speech. She stopped & looked at me for a second before asking if I was feeling any better. I shook my head no and croaked out an “I wish I were though.” The next thing I know she’s wrapped herself around me into a very tight hug. A few seconds later she pulls away.

“Now do you feel better?”

“Yes, I feel much better. Thank you. Now go try and enjoy music class,” I replied with a wink. (Our music teacher is everyone’s least favorite teacher)

“Okay Ms. B!”

Twenty minutes later I’m walking back to pick up my kids. Once we’re back in the room they return to working on their Reading worksheets. I turn on the Brubeck and everyone’s working silently. As I return to grading their math papers I hear a student whisper my name. I look up and it’s one of the boys.  He’s shifting from foot to foot but doesn’t have his reading paper in his hand and it makes me wonder what he needs from me. I ask him how can I help him. He asked if I was feeling okay. I shook my head no again and told him I’ve had better days. This cough is wearing me out. He leans down and the next thing I know he’s hugging me. He lets go and tells me he hopes that helps and goes back to his seat and begins working.

A part of me is shocked by this because at the start of the year we did not see eye to eye. He didn’t want to do his work, he back talked, and hated following directions. But something changed in October. We had a small conference and after that he turned around. I’m not sure what I did but whatever it was made his attitude do a complete 180. He’s one of those boys who I think doesn’t really like to show that he has a sensitive side. But today he let that side show. He asked a few more times during the day how I was doing and to me that was the best medicine.


2 thoughts on “Hugs are the Best Medicine

  1. How wonderful to get a glimpse like this, at the difference you’ve made in these students’ lives! We know we’ve reached their hearts when they show empathy like this. I hope you feel better soon!

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