A Little Advice

This week has been a blur. But today was a long day and it was also stressful. This post will not be very long because I have a headache and I just want to go to bed.

Downsides of today:

  • My BD kid throwing a fit as well as a few of his things at the other kids.
  • His refusal to do work.
  • The fact he stormed out of the room after having a yelling and screaming match with his aide even though she kept calm and used soothing tones.
  • The fact he thought it was perfectly okay to call me the b word & think there would be no consequences.

Upsides of today:

  • My other kids told me not to take his comment to heart. (I didn’t.)
  • I had dinner with a girl that is trying to navigate her way through her first long term sub job. She just started in January and graduated from college in December. This class is really trying her patience and she was afraid she wasn’t doing a good job. I assured her she was and that she was doing everything right. Sometimes it’s just because you have a class that’s a handful. After dinner I shared this image with her:
    • 17190524_598266290359247_8932820522493194746_nI needed reminded of this too to be completely honest.
  • I followed up dinner with dessert at the local Mexican with another friend who is in for spring break. Things haven’t been all that great for her lately due to family stresses. I just let her talk and by the end she felt much better.

Tonight I felt like I was in the position of being the go-to person to talk to and even though I had a rough day I really didn’t talk about it much to either one of them. I knew at that moment they needed reassurance and some vent time. At the end of my time with both of them I felt a lot better. I felt like I was a mentor to both. The first because she’s a new teacher just like I was six years ago while the other is dealing with stressful family situations while attempting to stay focused on her classes. I’ve been in both their situations and I offered my take on how they could do things to help relieve the stress. Both seemed relieved to learn that what they were feeling was completely normal. I hope that my little bits of advice really do help them. And now it’s time for this exhausted teacher to go to bed before this post turns into a rambling mess.


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