Unexpected. Crazy. Beautiful.

3 simple words that summarized you & I perfectly.

Why these three words?

Why not: Love. Perfect. Easy. ?

Yes, there was love & I believe there still is.

But perfect?

No, we were far from that.


Hell, no.

There were many times it wasn’t easy.

Life is never easy.

Life is complicated & full of twists.

Unexpected is the better word choice because we were exactly this.

We weren’t seeking each other & yet-

for so long we were still a part of each other’s lives.

We let each other in to a depth that very few if anyone had ever been before.

Crazy-the amount of times we stayed up until 5AM. All of those Q & A nights.

Because of those nights I was given insight of just what kind of man you were & have grown into now. In return I let you see me for me.

It was crazy for me to call you that one night.

But even crazier for me to say I fell for you that night, but I did.

Beautiful-every single minute even some of the fights.

Why the fights too?

Without them then this would’ve been perfect & easy-2 things we were not.

We grew from our fights & always came out stronger.

Beautiful because you helped me find myself.

Because of you I’m more accepting & ready for adventure & life’s curveballs.

Unexpected. Crazy. Beautiful.

These three simple words described you & I.

For you were my,






You still are.

And always will.

But now our book has been closed.

We don’t talk anymore & I miss you.

But this was for the best.

The decision was unexpected but wasn’t that how this whole thing began?

It makes sense that we end that way too, right?


14 thoughts on “Slammed

  1. I was not expecting it to end the way it did, but looking back I should have. .. your words set up the clues, but I missed them, as I suspect you did too, caught up in the unexpected, crazy, beautiful story. You brought me along on your journey.

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