Today is my favorite day of the week. As a teacher you might wonder, “Why? Your weekend is over after today.” And you’re right about that and I’m currently sitting here wishing tomorrow would be Saturday again. But it doesn’t change the fact that I love Sundays.

Every Sunday I get up at 8:15 and jump right into the shower. After I’m showered, dressed, hair is done, and makeup on I turn on my Keurig and hit play on my BluRay player to tune back into the episode of FRIENDS I was watching. Once my coffee is ready I either fix a bagel or two waffles. I settle into my spot on the couch and enjoy my breakfast while laughing at the antics of Chandler forgetting to tell the staff that they’d be working on Christmas Eve AND New Year’s Eve.

Before I know it it’s time to get changed into my dress, figure out what jewelry I’m wearing, and to wear flats or heels. On my drive down to church I often think about when I was a little girl sitting in the backseat of my grandparents’ car heading to the same church. I’m barely through the door upstairs when I hear my name being yelled. Before I turn around I’m thrown off balance by a blonde 2nd grader. I look down and I see a pair of blue eyes sparkling back at me because she knows she has me to sit beside during the service. Another kid (a little older) asks me what we’re learning about today in Sunday School and he isn’t too happy when I tell him that I can’t teach today because I really don’t have a voice. I tell him I hope I can teach them next week and we will have fun then. I take Georgia’s hand and tell her to lead us to our seats. She bounces away and I’m forced to keep up with her without tripping. We find our seats and five minutes later her grammy walks in, sits down at the organ, and begins the prelude. The Elders, Deacons, and Pastor Vic walk in a few measures later. Service has officially begun. Georgia is brimming with energy today because she’s brought the Sermon in a Sack for Children’s Time. Fifteen minutes later it’s her time to shine. When Vic asks her to pull out the item in the bag she proudly pulls out a starfish. Vic’s expression gives it away that he isn’t quite sure how to turn this into a children’s sermon. Rather than making it biblical he talks to the children about how it’s okay to admit when you don’t know everything. After that the service moves by quickly.

After church there’s a quick discussion about where are we all going to eat this Sunday. We do this every week even though we say we’re going to pick during lunch the Sunday prior. We picked a buffet style place but none of us ordered the buffet. Georgia isn’t happy that she isn’t sitting next to me but she’s still close enough for us to play a few rounds of Hangman on the napkins. As I was sitting there today I thought about how even though I’m older and the people who are sitting around me are different my Sundays have never really changed from the time when I was little. I still consider these people my family because they’ve been so supportive and loving to me over the course of five years when I returned to my childhood church. I view many of these people as honorary grandparents because that’s how I love I guess. Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week.


4 thoughts on “Sundays

  1. It’s so wonderful that you have found such a close and supportive community. And that is a really beautiful picture you chose to be at the top of your post.


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