I Wonder

I’m a big fan of TED-Ed talks & I only have one person to blame for that. I’ve binge watched numerous talks, but my favorite is this one:

While it’s no surprise that I love the music in this video this lesson combines my love of music with space. The Hubble Space Telescope has always interested me. The first time I watched this lesson I was struck with the idea that we really are just a small speck in this universe. When you think about how our solar system goes beyond what we know it’s quite incredible. There’s so much we haven’t explored & who knows what upcoming explorations will find.

What do you think of when you look up at the night sky? My eyes are always drawn to the ones that shine bright against their dark canvas. I think of summer and how magical the sky looks with the lightning bugs illuminating the sky almost in competition with the stars. It seems that my wonder turns child-like when I look to the sky-even now at the age of 28. What is it that makes the night sky so fascinating to us?

I know this may seem like an odd slice but space and stars have been on my mind today since we read our story for this week.


4 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. Do you know the free app “Go Sky Watch”? Since having to take Astronomy as a Life Science credit during my masters, I’ve had it on my phone, and it’s one of my favorites. It has everything on there! We live in a pretty light-polluted area, so being able to see Venus, Jupiter, and know every constellation is really fun.


  2. Lovely slice! When I look up at the sky, I find myself searching for the constellations I know. Orion is my favorite. I also like to think of metaphors for the night sky. My favorite is to think of it as a piece of loved fabric that has little holes worn in it from overuse.


  3. I love the night sky, especially when we lived out in the country. City lights certainly change the view. Now I am off to watch this video.


  4. Thanks for sharing that video and your thoughts. Amazing to me is the fact that our sky is the same group of stars and the moon that people thousands of years ago viewed. It links us across time and place.

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