An Elementary Snapshot

Spring Picture Day is quickly approaching and my kids are already stressed over what they’re going to wear. I handed out the papers today and several of the girls immediately began discussing dresses and ribbons while a few rolled their eyes and shook their heads. I laughed and it made me think of how my classmates reacted way back in the 90s. When I came home tonight I looked through my yearbook and let me tell you I found some gems.


I’m not sure where to start. The leggings clearly were inspiration for today’s LulaRoe designs, the shirt must be the precursor to the Irma, and my hair was held together by those little marbles that nearly gave you a concussion when they broke apart. Next, you’ll notice the Jackson Pollock-esque block I’m seated in front of. What’s the point of it? I still do not know to this day. And my excuse for the giant crayon in the background? Well it was the 90s after all…


The outfit in this photo I always called my business suit. Honestly this isn’t a bad photo & I kind of miss my hair being this length. 1993 was the year for this picture which would make me 5 years old attempting to be 25. I’m not kidding. Anytime I’d play dress up with this outfit (even though it wasn’t really a dress up outfit) I’d grab a suitcase and tell everyone it was my briefcase and I had important business to take care of.


Yes, my hair was really that long. Yes, it was a pain in the summertime. 1994. 1st grade and I thought the serious look was the way to go for spring photos. Why did we use triangles for the background? Apparently we loved random shapes to be our background in the 90s. But if I had to choose between the generic starburst color of red, green, orange, yellow, blue, purple, or tye-dye OR the ones I had I’d pick mine. They’re unique and definitely eye-catching.



7 thoughts on “An Elementary Snapshot

  1. 1. My whole outfit is Lularoe stuff right now lol
    2. I also was describing my fifth grade self to one of my high schoolers the other day and I was like “I usually wore a dress, with some leggings and bright pink sneakers.” — to which they said “so you haven’t changed?”

    Harsh but fair. lol.

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  2. Those pictures are priceless. You didn’t even mention the phone in the first one. I hope no one had germs if everyone in the school held it up to their faces over the course of a couple of hours. Was it supposed to be a giant satellite phone?

    KristiNicole’s second comment cracked me up. LOL.


  3. This Slice was amazing! And so easy to relate to! I love that you have no problem poking fun at yourself in your writing. Thanks for sharing some of your 90’s photos with us. I can’t wait to go dig through mine now, although I don’t think I’ll be as eager to share as you were. 🙂


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