Group Therapy

Every third Thursday of the month my Zumba group goes to the local Mexican for a Happy Hour. But on the months that there are five Thursdays we go the fourth Thursday. Tonight was very much needed because this week has been long. We had a smaller group due to the WVU game starting at 7:30, but it was still fun.

This group almost has a therapy session every month we do this dinner. Sometimes there are tears but a majority of the time there’s laughter. Several of us that are a part of this group are educators. We range from aides, elementary, secondary, Special Ed, secretaries, or retired. Only a couple of ladies work in retail and another is an insurance agent. 99% of the time we throw around the acronyms we’re all familiar with: IEPs, 504 plans, DIBELS, etc. We talk about the kids that we’re proud of, the ones that have a minor set back that day, and the ones that keep us up at night. Those that don’t work in education cann’t seem to understand why these kids are on our minds 24/7. We’ve tried to explain but they just don’t get it. They don’t understand that sometimes we’re these kids biggest cheerleader.

But our time isn’t spent talking all about education. We talk about our lives too. Right now we have a woman whose husband was just released from the hospital last week after fighting with sepsis. He’s still weak but he’s home. Tonight she took the time to thank all of us, but she really didn’t have to do that. This Zumba group is more than just a fitness group. We’re a family and just like a family we support each other. I’m lucky to be a part of such an awesome group of women.



3 thoughts on “Group Therapy

  1. This is such a beautiful reminder of how much we need each other and how our lives are enriched through sharing our struggles and celebrating our joys. I’m happy for you!


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