Sunshine & Slingshots

This morning started out rough. My acid reflux was acting up & I was in a lot of pain. My BD student was pushing my buttons but I let it slide because I did not want nor did I NEED another blow up like last week. It helped that he was picked up early. Seriously that made all the difference in that room. The afternoon was full of fun. My kids worked hard this morning and had completed a lot of writing without much complaint. They had recess from 1-1:35. They came in and sat down ready to start Health. I looked around and with a small smile told them that if they sat quietly for an allotted time we would go outside for the rest of the afternoon. They were as still as statutes. We lined up and just as we started out the door I told them if anyone talked in the hallway we’d turn around and sit back down to complete the Health worksheet. Again-silence. As soon as we hit the doors to the playground I told them to go be kids. They took off running and suddenly all 22 of them froze. They began pointing and whispering and growing more excited. Looking ahead I noticed one of the 4th grade teachers standing there with this huge slingshot in his hand and he was loading another water balloon into it. They looked at me and I told them to go over and stand with the other students. 22 eleven year olds scampered onto the pavement and eagerly awaited for Mr. L to shoot another balloon into the crowd. Two minutes later two of my students were very wet. Third and fourth grade were out there too & the minute Fourth grade realized Ms. B was outside I was surrounded. I had two of my girls from this year and last year hanging off of one arm, two other girls were hanging off my other arm, and three were attempting to hug me from behind. Suddenly I heard “Look out!” I may have grabbed one of my girls and lifted her up as a shield. When I brought her back down she was splattered with water and did not look happy with me. Her best friend was laughing so hard she nearly had a side stitch. A few minutes later Mr. L aimed the slingshot my way again and my one girl didn’t learn from before and didn’t move fast enough before I used her as a shield again. The balloon was released and she was soaked this time because his aim had improved. This time I was the one with a side stitch.

This afternoon while I was surrounded by this group of fourth graders and a few of the third graders I felt myself beaming. Yes, my morning started out rough but these kids-my kids-were the medicine I needed today. I felt a lot like Miss Honey this afternoon. OH! And the best moment? As we were walking back inside one of the 4th grade boys flew past me, running at full speed, when he suddenly froze, turned around with this sheepish smile on his face and said, “Um Ms. Barrick, I think you’re about to tell me to walk so I’m just going to walk back to the point where I started running and walk it this time.” He did just that and before he could pass me I caught him and told him to ask his teacher if he could come to my room for a minute. He started to dip his head but I told him that I wanted to give him a STAR ticket. His smile grew much bigger then he asked why I was giving him a ticket. I told him because he was a responsible student and recognized the fact that he was making the wrong choice and corrected it. He was over the moon when I gave him a big STAR ticket. He wished me an awesome weekend, followed by a thumbs up, and then he left my room. I really did need an afternoon like today.


One thought on “Sunshine & Slingshots

  1. Hey beautiful!
    sorry it has taken some time to make it over to your blog and YouTube channel, no worries, I didn’t forget about you. I was on and off of social media for the past couple of days and it gets hard to play catch up when you leave for a moment, i tell ya. So many things need done and so little time as times 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the water activity on the playground sounded like a delight! I would have used the children as shields as well! hahaha


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