A Note of Thanks

Over the course of the past twenty six days I’ve come to know several new teachers. Each day I check in on their blogs and am given a snapshot of their life. Sometimes their life is full of joy in the form of an announcement of a new grandchild, sadness in the form of their beloved fur family member passing away, to being stressed from work. No matter what’s going on in their life I can relate to them in some way. Sometimes their slice can trigger an emotion in me that I’ve tried to bury away for so long but it inspires me to write something that is soul baring. Other times their slice can inspire me to write a very lighthearted post about childhood. This slice is a slice about gratitude. To those of you who have read my slice of life posts every day thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read about the going-on’s in my life. To those of you that I’ve checked in on everyday allow me to say thank you.

Thank you for inspiring me to put myself out there. To write about why I love teaching was quite an easy post. The post Slammed however was the most difficult to write. In writing that I was forced to re-open feelings that I thought I had done so well to hide away. But in the days following I found that I kind of needed to write that piece. Everything has finally been closed now. I feel like that I’ve been able to find out a little bit more about myself through this Slice of Life Challenge. I’m a very guarded person and so for me to put down those walls and let each of you into my life (even for a second) was a little difficult.  Your comments and kindness had an impact. You may be thinking, ‘It’s not that big of a deal,’ but remember we’re all kind of like our students. Sometimes the smallest positive comment can have the largest impact. Again, I thank you.


6 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks

  1. This is a lovely reflection. As a first time Slicer, I totally agree about putting yourself out there. I’m not even a guarded person, and I think it’s super hard to be transparent and meaningful day after day. But it’s been totally worth it. Thanks to you!

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  2. This is the unexpected joy that comes from the SOLSC. Every year, I think it is all about what I am writing and then I read other people’s posts and comments and I am humbled.


  3. This writing community is amazing! And I have found that the more personal the story, the better I write, and the more responses I receive. It’s the need to feel connected, the sharing of common experiences, that bonds us. I’m glad this challenge has been a positive experience for you!


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