Yo Soy

Today’s slice was inspired by Jen’s post yesterday. It’s a biopoem & it’s somewhat like slam poetry but with less raw emotion.


Competitive, Driven, Loyal.

Lover of books, music, quiet spaces, and autumn.

Who wonders if I’ll ever find the time to go on a road trip anytime soon or finally bite the bullet and book that flight to Chicago.

Who fears heights, cooling towers, and dead birds. (Yes, dead birds. Why? I have no clue.)

Who feels happy when I’m surrounded by my group of 4th graders, reading, or in a library.

Who cares about how my students, no my kids, see themselves academically and personally.

Who dreams of one day moving to a bigger city and owning a house where I can read in a bay window.

Who resides in West Virginia.



One thought on “Yo Soy

  1. This poem may seem simple, but it is brave, letting us in on the inner details of your life. Thanks for sharing the things you care and dream about!


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