Be a Bawse

Last week a book I pre-ordered last July arrived. It’s called How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life. It’s by a YouTube personality that goes by Superwoman, but her real name is Lilly Singh. I happen to stumble upon her videos three years ago and ever since then I’ve followed her on a majority of social media. When I heard that she was writing a book last summer I originally thought she’d be writing an autobiography & when the title of the book was released I thought it was an interesting title for an autobiography.

Last week when the book arrived I dove right in and I wasn’t expecting to be hit with such thought-provoking quotes and advice.  Thrown in between a few chapters there were segments titled Out of the Blue. On the left side Lilly wrote about a time when her depression was affecting her life with a blue background while on the right side on a vibrant yellow background was a more recent time how she flipped the way she was feeling in a more recent year. As she says in the book depression doesn’t go away. You don’t magically wake up one morning all bright and happy and think, ‘my depression is gone! It will never bother me again!’ I wish it did work that way, but she’s right. I’ve had bouts of it since 2007. Not quite as severe but I knew what was happening again and yet I couldn’t stop it. And the even scarier part was I wasn’t caring that it was happening again.


Fall of 2007 was a defining moment for me.  There are days when I’m feeling down but then I take a moment to look back at that moment and I look at how far I’ve come.  It wasn’t easy but I rose from a very low point and I dusted myself off and set out to prove my worst enemy (myself) wrong.

There were other moments in this book that made me stop and do a little self-reflection. When I finished this book I went back and jotted down the side quotes that left an impact on me personally. What I’m going to do with these notes I’m not sure yet but what I do know is I want to put them somewhere I can read them everyday. Almost like a way to start my day on a positive note and be motivated for the day.

And if you’re asking yourself if you’re a Bawse my suggestion is read the book and find out.


6 thoughts on “Be a Bawse

  1. Sounds like a powerful book. The idea of posting the quotes around so they are visible seems like a really positive and potentially rewarding idea. Love the one that you shared here. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Mistakes are our greatest teacher.” Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  2. The right book is such a gift! Glad you found one that helped you. I agree with Lanny–sometimes a good quotation can help right my “perspecticles” if they’ve been knocked off or need some adjusting. And depression, for me, is like a season–it comes and goes. I sometimes think I should treat it like a guest for tea: sit with it for a while, talk about why it is here, and allow it to stay, trusting that it’ll run its course and go away sometime. Sometime on the sooner side is always better!


  3. I’m also going to look up this book. I have a journal that I use to write down quotes I come across that are especially helpful, and I rely on it when I am feeling down. I have a feeling this book might be right up my alley. Thanks!


  4. I’m all for books that bring out the best in us! I print out quotes and post them around the house and at work, too. Just taking a moment to reread them and feel the positive energy is worthwhile. Thanks for the book recommendation!


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