Inspiration for this post came from a fellow Slicer and his piece about his creative wife. After reading it I couldn’t help but think how everyone’s significant other has a talent or talents that we admire.

In my case it would be his ability to freehand sketch anything he sees. I’ve been given three pieces of art sketched by him and had it been me sketching them well…you would’ve thought a 1st grader drew them. I excel at stick people but not drawing actual people. As I mentioned yesterday he has a unique way of keeping me on my toes. There have been countless times he will say, “Think fast. A or B?” But options A or B are always tough choices! Example: “Think fast: Matilda or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?” These are my two favorite non-series books and he knows it. To pick one would be impossible. But before I say I would pick both he shakes his head and tells me I can only pick ONE.  Diabolical I tell you. Every single time my answer is the same: Both. This always annoys him and he informs me I’m using my powers of deflection but I just feign innocence.

He’s always amazed at my ability to sit down and write. He’s never sure how I can just begin writing (or typing) so effortlessly. This is where he’s wrong. It’s never effortlessly. Often there is a lot of backspacing, erasing entire paragraphs, or deleting an entire post completely and picking a new topic.  He doesn’t see me sitting at my desk, starting and stopping, bouncing from topic to topic for ten minutes sometimes, before FINALLY settling on one. Rarely can I think of a topic in 2 seconds and begin writing. Today’s topic is a little easier only because of the subject.  img_20180322_202558_0201252561136.jpg




5 thoughts on “Admiration

    1. Aww I’m glad I reminded you of your guy’s gifts. That picture is hands down my favorite sketch he has done for me. Sometimes it’s the most innocent question that leads to sweet little surprises from him.


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